…with family in Leeds, at home and at my Gran’s. I took pictures through the day inspired by Martin Parr, and got one of my sisters to use the same approach too.

Here are some pics we took (only the ones my family allowed me to show)

Click landscape ones to view larger.

To come: blog entry analysing this type of photography, and looking over my pics in 2010.


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Comments for “Christmas…”

    1. jestem
      6:19 pm on January 1st, 2011

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones, Nat.

    2. Looking at 2010 and evaluating contrived images vs. the ‘haphazard shot’
      6:25 pm on January 1st, 2011

      [...] have also recently been inspired by the images of Martin Parr, and my last blog post showed some shots I took over Christmas whilst inspired by browsing his [...]

    3. Rossina Bossio
      9:31 am on January 6th, 2011

      I really like these kind of photos :)

    4. Ian
      5:41 pm on January 25th, 2011

      hehe someone else watched the black adder christmas episode :)

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