Coming to a bookstore (and a studio) near you!

Two lots of big news for you!!


I have big news that I have holding back for a few months now. I am very happy to announce that I am writing a photography book to be published here in the UK at the end of the year, and in the US to follow. The book, themed on self-portraiture, is jam-packed with everything related to my approach to photography and I am excited to observe that there is nothing QUITE like it on the photography book scene at the moment!

The book will be brimming with 176 pages: with my images, tons of information, inspiration and tips on self-portraiture and beyond. It will ALSO feature the work of NINE other handpicked self-portrait artists of a stellar ilk, who will share their background, knowledge and showcase some of their best work.

I am still writing the thing, so this is a premature announcement just to whet your appetite… I will be able to give you more details and updates in the upcoming months, and let you know when it will be available to pre-order on Amazon!


The SECOND bit of fantastic news is that I will very soon be hosting what I have yet to label appropriately… ‘courses’, ‘workshops’, ’sessions’? Following the empowering encouragement from photographers I’ve been chatting to recently, including Lomokev and Haggis Chick, I have decided to get a move on and embark on my own photography teaching. It’s all in the planning stages at the moment but here are some quickfire facts:

(a) they will be starting soon, first to be in June

(b) each will have a small number of students, around 5-7

(c) they will be held in London and Brighton to start with, then aiming to branch out to other locations in the UK (with the longer-term goal of eventually getting to the US and even further!)

(c) they will be focused on providing an intimately close, inspiring and creative environment to hopefully ignite (or reignite) your approach to image-making. Much more detail to follow on what you can expect from the content!

All the info on prices, dates, length of courses, locations, what you need, how to book, etc etc – all coming soon! I just solidified the damn plan in my head this past two days!

Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to stay in touch with me on the updates. (Besides, I pick the winner of May’s prize next week, so sign up now, in time!)

If you are interested in the courses, I would much appreciate you sending me an email to let me know. If you have time, you can also mention what you might be looking for from my courses. I want to make these things as customisable as they get. I would shrivel up and die if I ever found myself becoming bored by my own words or reciting formulaic crap, and I dislike the idea that they are about ‘teaching’.. I want them to be as much an experience for myself as for the students.

Also check me on Facebook and Twitter where I’ll be spewing updates.

Image credit: Henry Yang (at my Seattle photowalk for Microsoft, Feb 09)

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Comments for “Coming to a bookstore (and a studio) near you!”

    1. Haggis Chick
      5:50 pm on May 7th, 2010

      Yay, very very excited for you missy! Remember if you need a bag carrier I’m your girl ;-) x

    2. jestem
      6:18 pm on May 7th, 2010

      This is fantastic, Nat. Really great ideas.

    3. Seth (drshrinker)
      6:32 pm on May 7th, 2010

      Congrats on the book!

      And if you ever come to the U.S. with your workshops, I’m in!!

    4. ari
      2:36 am on May 9th, 2010

      Excellent idea. Look forward to see your workshop in Indonesia.

    5. Ralphthe3rd
      5:01 pm on May 9th, 2010

      Thats fabulous news,looking fwd to your book when it finally arrives in the USA. Keep up your fantastic work, and always be inspired :)

    6. texassky
      7:20 pm on May 9th, 2010

      That’s a fantastic idea! You will be a success. Keep us filled in on your progress. Can’t wait to see it in the U.S.A.

    7. Lash LaRue
      3:28 am on May 11th, 2010

      Congratulations; this is a great step forward for you. And I hope we over here in the States get lucky sooner rather than later.

    8. christian petersen
      10:27 pm on May 19th, 2010

      the e-mail inviting me to be in yr book
      must have been lost in the post.
      didn’t you know that all of my work is self -portraits?
      the magical power of make-up/photoshop!!!!!


      love from chris

    9. Ian Nelson (neltek)
      9:14 pm on May 23rd, 2010

      Great news.
      Best wishes with both…
      one idea for other workshops type events that can capture more people internationally – do a session over an online meeting system – it’s something I am exploring for one of my web site customers at the moment …
      just a thought

    10. andre cavalheiro
      2:00 pm on June 8th, 2010

      really nice to see that artists worldwide are gettin’ involved and collaborating with each other!
      I “found” you work in flickr and I’ve been following it ever since, with great pleasure.



    11. Arty Fucking Smokes
      11:38 am on June 18th, 2010

      I guess the book is going to be published by Rotovision, yes?

    12. Miss Aniela
      10:24 am on June 19th, 2010

      It will be published by Ilex in UK and Lark in the USA.

    13. Arty Fucking Smokes
      12:30 am on June 20th, 2010

      Oooh, you’ll be on the same roster as Michael Freeman. I’ve read a few of his books.

    14. patty
      11:25 am on June 24th, 2010

      how ’bout an online course??

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