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About the Fashion Shoot Experience

The Fashion Shoot Experience invites you to come shoot with us in a super location with fully-styled models, currently running in London and also in NY in 2012. We invite both pros and amateurs alike to take part in an all-day creative environment at high-end quirky locations, as a one-stop portfolio re-haul. It’s not a typical workshop where we hold your hand, but we lay on everything for you, from a wide range of lighting, to lunch, to full rights release to your images. You can gain confidence, experience  – and have lots of fun – working with models and also networking with other creatives. You may find it to be the most fun and rewarding event you’ll attend – by the end of the day, you’ll be artistically spent!

Watch a video of our the last one we held:

See more on the video page.

A maximum of 10 photographers take part. A range of lighting equipment is supplied: flash, constant and various reflectors/Photoflex LitePanels for making the most of the natural light in the locations. We offer tips and assistance for those who might be using lighting for the first time. New costume designers contribute their creations on each event, and the day becomes a buzzing hive of creativity, organised strategically so that everyone gets ample time to shoot each model and every part of the location.

The group is divided into pairs, and each pair rotates round key set-ups through the day, with some fixed set-ups and others ‘roaming’. We have a range of lighting gear: flash heads, softboxes, beauty dishes, constant (tungsten) lights, and a HMI light (a constant daylight-balanced light) as well as reflectors and assistants on hand. We try to steer away from paparazzi-style shooting that may be found on other workshops and encourage the photographers to think independently. We offer a ready-organised, insular environment suited for those looking for more experience and a little guidance, but enough autonomy to shoot independently and produce images as unique as you want. It’s a creative free-for-all, a collaborative fashion shoot to which you contribute your own concepts. The focus is on everyone getting lots of diverse shots, having optimum opportunities to direct their own images and potentially leaving with a whole portfolio of new work, all with full model release.

Breakfast and lunch are both provided.

After spending all day shooting, it doesn’t stop there. All participants receive a set of editing movies from Miss Aniela to watch at their leisure after the day, covering RAW workflow in Capture One Pro, retouching in Photoshop, and other techniques such as HDR, panoramas and composites.


Next dates for 2011 (all one-day events):

Sat 26th November 2011 at Dalston Heights, £350 GBP (sold out)

Sat 11th February 2012 at The Roost, £375 GBP

Sat 7th April 2012 at Dalston Heights, £350 GBP

New York: event moved to mid-Mar 2012, dates TBC

Please register interest at contact@missaniela.com.


Locations (London)

The Roost

A large Victorian house, 3 floors plus basement and a garden. Floorboarded throughout, textured and rundown rooms and areas, lots of props ranging from modern to rustic to retro. Located 3-4 mins’ walk from Hackney Downs Rail station.


Dalston Heights

This location is the top floor of a former cardboard box factory. The total floor area is 7200 sq/ft of space split into two distinct working areas, filled with a wonderland of eclectic props and furniture. Situated right next door to Hackney Downs station.


MC Motors

A 6000 sq/ft high-end location sought after for fashion shoots and music videos, with a skylighted roof, large number of rustic props and an untouched Victorian street running through the middle. We black out part of the building to give dramatic diversity for using the constant lights. This location has on-site free parking, and is easily accessible from Dalston Kingsland station (2-3 mins’ walk).

Locations (NYC)

Metropolitan Building (Second floor)

Used for countless photo, TV and film shoots. Classic, dramatic, and it is flexible enough to adapt to any imaginative use.
14-foot ceilings, windows all around, exposed brick walls, and many different kinds and sizes of spaces. Props included.


How is the day organised?

You arrive at 9am for breakfast, take a look round the location and meet with the fellow photographers whilst the models get ready. Between morning and lunch we rotate through 3 shooting set-ups, working in pairs, with short breaks. After lunch we shoot 2 further set-ups. The models have chance to have a costume change and tweak. A lunch spread is provided. We provide a more in-depth itinerary in your welcome pack. Before the event we also send you a team list of everyone involved including pictures of the models and costumes, and afterwards, you get a full credits list with contact details of everyone.

What is the cost?

The price varies depending on the location, ranging from £325 – £425 GBP. Check the price on the individual event. This covers everything including breakfast, lunch, and more importantly, full release rights to all images you take.

We price our events so that you get much value for money. What each person literally gets for the price on the day is worth at least 3 times as much if they were to organise it themselves, and a lot of people wouldn’t want to otherwise put the effort or work in to implement it. You can walk away with a portfolio of shots for less than half the cost of hiring just the venue itself. We do all the work for you. You just turn up with your gear and your imagination!

The price covers the 5 models, a styling team of 2 make-up and 2 hair stylists, stylist/director, input from independent costume designers, use of all professional lighting and also guidance from us. You are looked after from start to finish, directed where and whom you are shooting next, and yet you have complete autonomy within the shooting time to try out your own ideas and concepts no matter how wild (of course, with safety of the outfits, props and equipment permitting!)

After the shooting experience, all participants receive 3-4 video tutorials from me which go over the post-production of my own images from the shoot. I cover raw workflow in Capture One, touch-ups in Photoshop and also other software usage such as Photomatix for HDR generation where appropriate.


What do I need to bring?

Just your (charged) camera & tripod, all your lenses and any other gear, plenty of memory, and enthusiasm! You can bring a laptop or iPad to offload images in case of running out of CF cards.


What level do I need to be at?

You need to be confident shooting with your own initiative. This is not a workshop and does not have a teaching structure, only guidance with lighting where necessary, and of course you can ask questions about anything. You might just find however, that in the style of ‘on the job training’, you ‘learn’ more than at a workshop!

You need to be confident using your camera, although if you don’t have great experience using lighting equipment, that is not a problem: Matt can offer help with all the equipment and you’ll find it much easier to use than you might imagine. Also, it’s fine to be nervous! We’ve had attendees who start off jittery and who soon open up – working in pairs is good for that, you are not left standing on your own wondering what to do next and how to fill every moment with the sound of a shutter going. You mutually get time to think and compose your next shot. 5 straight hours of shooting is no easy feat!

What happens after I confirm I want to come?

Once you request a place, we send you out an invoice with payment terms and info, along with location info. We’ll confirm once we receive payment. About two weeks before the event we send out an info pack covering itinerary, reminders of what to bring, and other info. A few days before the event we send out a Creative Team List showing the confirmed models, the costumes, the make-up and hair stylists, and assistants. Sometimes these change last-minute, but they are confirmed to that date.

Please note: We need a minimum number of participants to be able to run the shoot. Sometimes it’s necessary to reduce a pair of 2 Shoot Experiences to one day only, if we don’t fill numbers. If a day cannot run because of low numbers, and you’re booked on it, we will try to let you know as soon as possible (at least 10 days before the event) but we can usually move you to the shoot on the other day. If you have any queries on this (if you’re booking flights or accommodation) just let us know. If we can’t agree on a new date we’ll give you a full refund of your shoot payment, but we cannot refund travel or accommodation costs.

Any more questions? See the FAQ.

Need convincing? See testimonials from previous participants!

To make further queries, or to book a place on an upcoming shoot, email contact@missaniela.com


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