LA Fashion Shoot Experience and Workshop

Our LA Fashion Shoot Experience is coming up in October, and we’ve added an exciting twist!

The event is a 2-day experience made up of the Fashion Shoot Experience and a full Miss Aniela workshop. You are now invited to individually join the workshop, the Fashion Shoot Experience, or both – to tailor the experience to exactly what you want.

The first day will be the Fashion Shoot Experience with six fully-styled models and all-day shooting. The second day will be a Miss Aniela workshop with editing, demos, portfolio reviews, networking and more.

We run our Fashion Shoot Experience, sponsored by Photoflex, regularly in London and launched it this year in New York. The event is a bridge between a workshop and a real fashion shoot, and an amazing opportunity for photographers of different levels to test your mettle and develop your skills.

Above: spectacular imagery by Brent McCombs/Alter Ego, shot at our New York Fashion Shoot Experience!

Both workshop and shoot will be based in an amazing oceanside mansion Chateau Del Mar (10 miles from LAX, and 10 miles by train from Long Beach).

(Pictures from Flaney/ SoCal MLS)

Matthew and I designed the Fashion Shoot Experience as a shooting paradise of intensive creativity. Shooting with a set of professionally styled models and only the most amazing locations, the LA Fashion Shoot Experience is a one-stop portfolio overhaul, an experience-building opportunity and a photographer’s dream. By the end of the day, you’ll be artistically spent, with potentially a whole new portfolio of images! This may just be the most rewarding non-workshop ‘workshop’ you attend. We pay attention to the finest details to lay on a top-notch, well-organised and creatively stimulating time for everyone.

(NY shoot)

There are a total of max 12 photographers on this event, who divide into pairs. The day runs to a carefully planned schedule to make a total of 6 shooting slots, each an hour for each pair of photographers with a different model and area. Full rights release is granted to all photographers with a written release. Photographers on previous Fashion Shoot Experiences have won competitions, been published in books, magazines  – and some have had a complete creative overhaul in their direction and confidence in shooting portraiture.

For a fraction of the cost, every photographer takes away their own creative slice of a multi-thousand dollar production in a mansion of dreams.

Above two images: more by Brent McCombs from our NY event.

Itinerary for the LA Fashion Shoot Experience & Workshop

The first day is the shooting day, 9am – 7pm. The day starts with a welcome chat, breakfast and meeting the other photographers. The models will be in styling from the early morning, ready to start shooting at approx 10am. Working in pairs, three shoots happen in the morning, and three in the afternoon. The day is strategically scheduled so you can just relax and let us take care of all the logistics whilst you concentrate on being creative! Breakfast and light lunch are provided, ending with evening dinner and time for chat and wind-down.

The second day is a full Miss Aniela workshop. This is for editing, sharing, and learning, beginning with a presentation from me. I will demo images from my portfolio as well as from the shoot the day before. There will be portfolio reviews, professional advice on photography direction in both fine-art and fashion/commercial photography, and help offer guidance and answer questions in detail. There will be model(s) on hand for demo shooting.

Catering is provided throughout the events. Everyone will receive a signed copy of my book, Creative Portrait Photography. We do our utmost to make your time an unforgettable experience.

DATES (2012)

Thurs 18th Oct (Shoot Experience) & Fri 19th Oct (Workshop)

Sat 20th Oct (Shoot Experience) & Sun 21st Oct (Workshop)

$950 (USD)  for the Shoot Experience

$650 (USD) for the Workshop

$1500 (USD) for Shoot Experience and Workshop

The price includes all food, but not accommodation. Spaces are available at a low price for photographers to stay at the house overnight between the two days, at rate of $125 per person (shared room), or $250 own room. As there is limited availability on rooms, it is advisable to book early. Alternatively, we can suggest alternate accommodation and transport in the nearby area. We can also advise on travel logistics for those coming from overseas.

To apply please email Full payment terms will be sent on application.

More pictures of the stunning venue (courtesy of the Chateau, from VRBO & Flaney):

Bedrooms for those staying over:

View out onto the beach:

Here is a testimonial from Diana, an attendee of our 2012 New York Fashion Shoot Experience:

“This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I felt it was well organised and the creative team chosen was perfect. Miss Aniela and Matthew really created something unique, intimate and memorable. Knowing that it was their first international event was surprising. It was wonderful to meet so many new people from all over the world and build my portfolio with images that are much different from my current work. Also, really appreciated the warmth and hospitality. I would definitely do it all over again!”- Diana Lemieux

For more testimonials, frequently-asked questions about the Fashion Shoot Experience, videos and pictures, check out the dedicated event website:

For all enquiries please email Natalie/Matt direct on


Thanks to Brent McCombs/Alter Ego Photography for the three credited photos in this post.

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      L.A. you say?

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      3:29 pm on June 2nd, 2012

      Please please please come to Vancouver Canada. Our community is screaming for an event like this.

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      I absolutely love your work. I have purchased your books, made you a Flickr contact, and would love to attend a work shop . If you have one in the southeast united states I would make it my business to try to attend.


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      I am super excited to meet you on the 18 th !!!
      I know this will be a great experience !!

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      Thanks Alina, looking forward to meeting you too!

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