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Last year, independent filmmaker and producer Alistair Briggs made a video of my first workshops that took place in a London studio. I was wowed by the cleancut result and posted it to my Vimeo page. We then started working on a promo video that would encapsulate the wider picture of everything I do: fine-art, commissions etc which would hopefully be a good promo for me to use in order to gain further commercial work and interest.

Last December, one cold, snowy morning, we braved the icy roads to meet up at Pinewood Studios to film the interview and also film me whilst in action, shooting a model. We collected my stylist friend Rachel Holland from Brighton to be featured in the video (I almost wish I didn’t ask her now, because I pale into sallow insignificance alongside her lovely face in this video!) and also my partner (in both respects of the word), Matthew. Below are some pictures by Alistair.

A couple of things become apparent when watching this video: ‘Miss Aniela’ becomes a brand, talked about in third person/objectively (shock horror! ha) and Matthew’s presence becomes indicative of a ‘we’ rather than an ‘I’.

What do I feel watching it back? First, of course, great work by Alistair: chosen music, editing, creative physical use of my images filmed as prints (which I literally took to the studio) and also on the computer screen. Second, embarrassment – watching myself speak especially from any number of angles makes me gulp and avert my eyes, a bit like when I watched Insidious. I feel that same urge to impose violence onto someone in the manner I’ve received from my camera-shy family. Thirdly – confusion. What the hell am I talking about in this video? Ha.

A big thanks to all the team involved…

Directed, produced and edited by Alistair Briggs (website, Vimeo). Production info: Shot on Canon 5DMkII with Nikon prime lenses and a Canon 24-105 zoom. Production Credits: DOP – Derek Gruszeckyj. Sound – Kim Harding. Cameras – Derek Gruszeckyj, Martin Warrilow, Alistair Briggs. Associate Producer – Tim Juby. Filmed at Pinewood Studios (other footage on various workshops and shoots).

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Comments for “My promo video”

    1. Mo
      4:55 am on May 10th, 2011

      Great video Natalie and great job A. Briggs. I’m actually very tempted now to go buy all your of your books. BTW if you are ever interested in exhibiting in Washington DC, I’d love to help organize an event for you. You are truly a great inspiration for all of us.


    2. jestem
      7:56 am on May 10th, 2011

      Awww, that’s was great. And arresting. :)

    3. Merrilyn
      5:05 am on May 11th, 2011

      Well done, well-spoken, and captivating! Congrats, Nat!

    4. Dade Freeman
      8:56 am on May 12th, 2011

      Nice showreel, gives a nice insight into your style – I need to book a workshop and get inspired to push myself more :)

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