Video 3/3: using Phase One on location, UrbEx fashion

Here’s my latest video, 3/3, completing my series of Phase One insights!

You can also view it on YouTube here.

This was a shoot we did in an abandoned place, a self-arranged fashion shoot for which I recruited a team: model Samantha Jane, hair and make-up artist Hellie Last and of course trusty assistant Matt.

Normally I shoot with natural lighting when I shoot self-portraits in abandoned places. Because we were shooting fashion images I felt it was necessary to use flash lighting, and most shots wouldn’t have worked without it. In the video I talk about the ’split lighting’ technique I favoured using, ie. positioning the light to one side of the model to come across the scene, which lengthened the model, and generally gave the subtle but defined look I wanted.

Click the images to view larger. I have also written a thorough story on the entire process from my lighting technique with the TritonFlash through to workflow and processing, which you can shortly view on Photoflex’s website. I’ll post the link here when it’s ready.

I went a bit experimental with these images, from in-camera motion blur, to funny crops and geometric shapes layered in Photoshop. Putting them together as an editorial was even more fun because then I got to play with font and text. I really would like to try more of this experimentation with text and graphic design across other work I do, even just to play around.

There were lots of hoisted arms in these images…

Costume by Ara Jo, hair & make-up by Hellie Last, model Samantha Jane. Assistant was Matt Lennard. Styling and photography by me.

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Comments for “Video 3/3: using Phase One on location, UrbEx fashion”

    1. Bradford
      12:10 am on June 13th, 2011

      Loved this video. The sound is much better, the camera work is very good, and the editing is very tight. I always believed that the sum of all these parts or categories equates to a whole that should resonate as complete. Videos and films are very organic in that nature. They either work or they don’t.

      This video has a great rhythm to it and it flows. Great job Natalie!

    2. DJH
      2:27 pm on December 19th, 2011

      Great shoot and locations. Think we know where this one is..Shame it’s been torn down..

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