And your iPad becomes useful again…

I don’t whoop and shout about every single feature or publicity piece I get, but I just have to blog about this.

There’s a new iPad magazine out by Ilex called ‘Photographer’s I’ which is “a revolutionary departure in the world of photography magazines”, and I have found to be a delight. If you have one of those superfluous Apple/Android tablet thingies like me, and you’re into photography, then you have to see it.

I have a feature in there that covers the making of my images ‘The Smothering’ and ‘Their Evening Banter’. It’s a ‘how-to’ kind of spread, but things are of course slightly different in this context: with a clickable moving picture style narrative, showing the process to production. It’s really rather nice.

There is also a short video I made exclusively for the magazine, showing the production of my image ‘Loopy Lupinus’ (below), a whimsical self-portrait-with-cat-with-help-from-Matthew I did earlier this year:

Buy the mag even just to see the awkward moments of trying to hold my cat in one position. Or even just to hear the pretty birdsong of spring and hefty shutter clicks of a Phase One body, both which I’m missing already.

Of course, the magazine is full of much more than just my article. It has numerous interactive features from a range of photographers, well worth the price. This pilot issue is going for a cheapo price of £1.50/$1.99, which is literally a steal.

Check it out.

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Comments for “And your iPad becomes useful again…”

    1. claude etienne
      8:45 pm on November 23rd, 2011

      This magazine looks fantastic. However, I do believe that the people at Kelby Training were the first ones to introduce an iPad magazine a few months ago called Light It Magazine.

    2. Andre Rivest
      2:27 am on November 24th, 2011

      Congratulations on being featured. It is indeed a very good magazine.

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