Welcome to amazing Priolite

Big news on the sponsor front!

We’ve been very lucky this year, after gaining sponsorship with Nikon for camera gear and with Lupolux for constant lighting, to now add something absolutely awesome to our arsenal…

Matt and I are both delighted to welcome PRIOLITE on board the Miss Aniela boat… incredible flash lighting handmade in Germany.

Seven years ago I started out in photography very much acclimatised to natural light, mainly because my forte was self-portraiture, and self-portraits are difficult as they are already without having artificial lighting set up. Since I started shooting fashion over two years ago through our Shoot Experiences, and thereon taking up fashion shoots and commercial jobs, artificial lighting has become an increasingly important part of my set-up. I still enjoy natural light when appropriate, but am finding many more scenarios where natural light needs a helping hand to achieve the look I want – or, situations where the lighting sculpts something unique and amazing that would not have been possible at all with ambient. Our last shoot in NY in particular proved to me how important it is to have excellent quality of artificial lighting, in order to make the real high-end, editorial look I increasingly crave. Shooting inside a house all day needed something more than natural light, and even though we had nice sunshine coming in, it was more a problematic ‘contrasty’ light that needed to be balanced.

This year as you may already know we have taken on board Lupolux as our sponsor. We use Lupolux HMI and LED lights as part of our range on our Fashion Shoot Experience. These lights are absolutely wonderful, and they made an epic debut on our St Barts shoot. Inside the old dark church, they were like theatrical spotlights, making for an epic atmosphere as well as incredible final pictures.

However, a good example of needing flash power is one of my recents, Away with the Canaries, visible at the top of this post. Below shows the shoot set-up. Compare natural light on the left, to the flash-lit shot next to it, with flash dangled in top camera right.

Our new Priolite equipment exists of two MBX 1000J Leipzig Kits, each with two MBX500 heads. These are portable flash units. The very interesting aspects about this gear: not only do they have remote control receivers built into the unit, but they also allow flash power without mains supply. The battery is built in, which essentially makes them portable without having to drag along a hefty separate battery. Which basically means they open up whole new doors of possibility for my work!

We’re so pleased to have Priolite kits, because not only does it serve our needs for flash gear, but the flashes have massive perks that make them easy and headache-free to use. That’s sincerely important to me. I don’t like messing round with unnecessary wires and batteries and plugs, I just want to shoot and go. Plus, the more high-end our Fashion Shoot Experience productions become, all the ingredients of the shoot must be a high standard: the styling, the location, the models, my camera… same too for lighting equipment. Priolite’s handmade flash heads have a pretty unmistakeable sturdy quality. This ensures the reliability I need for my own images, and for the needs of all you other photographers who join us on our shoots! Also on commercial jobs, I need a system that can work flawlessly in the presence of clients.

I have written this blog post to thank and welcome Priolite, and in doing so, thank Nikon and Lupolux also. You will see a lot more from me with reference to these three sponsors and simply how well their gear serve our ambitious productions (next being our LA shoot in Sep and London sumer shoots, all of which you can find out about at www.fashionshootexperience.com). Nikon, Priolite and Lupolux are seriously helping us in our mission to make magic happen, and we will be very upfront about the benefits our new gear is serving us. Thank you to all three sincerely.

To learn more about Priolite gear check out their site at http://www.priolite.com

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Comments for “Welcome to amazing Priolite”

    1. theprintspace
      8:45 am on June 7th, 2013

      Beautiful work as always and congrats with the sponsorships. Looking forward to seeing more soon!


    2. steve
      6:27 am on July 18th, 2013

      I have both the M500, MB500 and the MBX500 since six months, so far I have had nothing else then trouble.

      One of the M500′s had a fatal error with no Flash after one month and has been in repair since 4 months.
      One MB500 when received had lose parts inside and had to be returned, still not back
      One MB500 had intermittend faults with a permanent beep as the result. I could only power off and on to clear the problem. However the problem returned. The unit was returned for repair 4 weeks ago.

      And just last week another one failed , unable to charge.

      So as you can see ” a lot of problems”, lucky that I received a replacement unit untill mine come back from repair. Although I have seriuos concerns about the fix/repair as it seems to be a design issue if so many units have this failure rate.

      On the other hand, I love them when they work. Great lights, stable , robust and all radio controlled from the controller on the Camera.

      I have a love and hate relationship with Prio Lite. I love them for all the practical reasons and hate them for their failure rate.

      Would I recommend them? No. Meanwhile I returned them all to the store and bought Broncolor Move. I have now to live with the cables, but I don’t mind as long as they keep working and Broncolor seems to do so…

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