A sunny October shoot in an extraordinary house

Here’s the video from our latest Fashion Shoot Experience that took place on 22nd October at the Roost in London.

We had ten photographers in total on the shoot, from around the UK and Europe, shooting all day in pairs on rotation with each of the 5 models. We had beautiful dresses from designer Louise O’Mahoney and funky outfits from Ryan Anton Reid, styled and creatively directed again by Pash Mistry of StyleCreative, with superb styling from a team of 4 make-up and hair artists.

It was surprisingly sunny for a day in late October! My favourite shoot of the day was with Olla with magnificent rays of natural window light and part of a bush trapped in the window (see footage & pictures of this in the video above). I also did some surreal stuff with adding bits of murals to portraits and playing with paintings, which you can also see in the video.

As usual I multi-tasked: introducing the shoot at the start, checking in on everyone throughout the day, shooting behind the scenes stills and video, helping to get the food out at lunch time (as well as help eating it) and also trying to shoot my own images in each set-up with every model! Matthew is even more of a workhorse though, assigning the shooting areas, assisting everyone and running round non-stop. We had 3 assistants on board: Jeff Boudreau, Hannah Coates, and Ed Weaver-Coles, so big thanks to them for helping out.

Below are some more of my images from the day.

We’d just got a whole new stack of lighting equipment to add to our arsenal, including more light heads, two beauty dishes and also a HMI light (a constant daylight balanced light). We got some amazing results with the HMI light in the dark basement of the house (see below for an example). On our next event we’ll be blacking out part of the venue to be able to utilise the HMI light  for dramatic effects.

From Nick Tucker (view on flickr)

View more of the photographers’ images from the event in the dedicated flickr group

Here’s a testimonial from Yomi Aderugbo, who attended our latest event:


“When I first read up on your Experience day I knew it this was an event I was desperate to get onto. When I finally did come on the day… the day did not disappoint! It lived up to and met all my expectations; I thought the location was great, the variety of models fantastic, Matt was hugely supportive and the whole day was very well structured.

“As someone who is at the infancy of his photographic education, the experience was wholly relevant, enjoyable and moreover, I learnt more in one day than I did in a whole year attending a various workshops. If I had to quibble about something, it would be that the day ended too quickly!”


What’s next for the Fashion Shoot Experience? A dedicated website to come, more events in London and also NYC in 2012, plus we’re planning a bigger than usual event in the spring of 2012 to take place in an extraordinary UK location (more info later!)

We had demand for another Fashion Shoot Experience in London before Christmas, so we’ve arranged our next to take place at Dalston Heights on Saturday 26th November (more details here). We have only one place left! If you want to join us, email contact@missaniela.com

We’re also taking the Fashion Shoot Experience to New York in March 2012! Dates to be confirmed soon. If you’re interested, and to be the first to hear of the dates, just drop me an email.

Read more testimonials to discover why this could be the best non-workshop ‘workshop’ you ever attend! (To keep up to date, you can follow my Facebook and Twitter.)

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    1. Pash
      3:41 pm on December 4th, 2011

      Love the watching the video’s – loved this one as the garments were amazing! But I’m really commenting as it was just so funny to see Dave right at the very end! Made me laugh! :)

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