Ruling the Roost

Here’s the latest shoot experience on film! We shot in a massive, prop-laden old house in East London, 5 new models, this time styled in the elegant dresses of Joanne Fleming and bizarre wonderful hats of Vesna Pesic. Full credits of everyone are visible at the end of the movie. You can also see the same movie on YouTube here.

We had a full house of photographers again, plus styling team and a handy sister to chop fresh salad at lunchtime. We used an array of Photoflex flash and constant lighting, although we had more than enough natural light to make the most of with a reflector or LitePanel. I barely used any lighting gear, just constant lighting on the pictures of redhaired model Janelle in the doorway, and some flash on Chrystaline with the rocking horse (both further below). I did some HDR with Sammy by the window in Memento.

I found it great to use a new shoot location, and although I had about 7 different things to do at once during the day, I managed to take some pictures, paired up with my partner Mr C for the day, who happens to feature in one of them further below!

Above: Common creatures (view on Flickr)

Above: Something moved her (view on Flickr)

Above: Bronco (view on Flickr)

The images I took will serve several of purposes, they’ll be featured in my second book to be published next year, will be used for my portfolio, sent to the costume designers for their portfolios, and also used to demonstrate compositing and lighting techniques in a multitude of ways. On this shoot, I feltĀ  more inclined than on previous shoots to concentrate on some individual pieces i.e. fine-art rather than straight ‘fashion’, some with elements of post-production surrealism.

Above: Memento (view on Flickr)

Below: Memento mori (view on Flickr)

I also produced some more fashion-oriented images and diptyches.

Check out the Flickr group to see some of the other photographers’ work finished so far.

Thanks to Monika Gorka for documenting the event. Check out pics on her FB page.

If you’re a photographer (of any level) and you want to improve your skills and portfolio, check out the events page to find out more about joining us on a shoot or workshop! On a shoot production like this one, we shoot 5 models all day in a great location, and you have the leisure to experiment with set-ups, with guidance on lighting where you might need it. It’s been a great chance for the photographers who’ve joined us so far to broaden their portfolios and, for some of them, even shoot models for the first time. You’re given all the ingredients to make your own superb dish! Email me at

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Comments for “Ruling the Roost”

    1. Joanne
      8:11 pm on July 13th, 2011

      Love these images…..very beautiful, and enjoying the extra dimension added by reading your thoughts on them over on flickr too :)

    2. Mo
      5:17 am on July 15th, 2011

      Awesome work) I have a question? what do you do to get the faded image look typical of fashion images? any special post processing? or just simple filter? Thanks and keep up the great work;)

    3. Bruna
      1:31 am on July 18th, 2011

      Hi, im photographer from Brasil. I do appreciate your work! Congrats

    4. Miss Aniela
      2:34 pm on July 20th, 2011

      @ Mo – You are most likely referring to the effects achieved by twiddling the Curves.

      @ Joanne – thanks for your beautiful outfits!

      thanks for the comments.

    5. Mo
      9:40 am on July 24th, 2011

      Thanks Natalie for your reply and for the tip ;) keep up the awesome work

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