Come shoot in London this summer…

We’re shooting in two new Shoot Experience venues this summer! The dates are 2nd & 3rd July, and 13th & 14th August at exciting character locations in London.

We used the sprawling MC Motors for our last three events, and now we’re branching out to new locations for a breath of fresh air, but which provide all the same rustic allure and multitude of props.

Our Shoot Experience structure remains exactly the same at these new venues. As you may already know (with all my various blog posts), we invite 9 other photographers to join us in shooting 5 models, all fully-styled with a 5-strong creative team (2 make-up, 2 hair, & stylist) with clothing/costume from 2 fashion designers. Working in pairs, we rotate everyone strategically round the 5 set-ups, using flash and constant lighting as well as natural lighting, providing everything you need from the lighting equipment, through to breakfast and lunch, and full rights release to use all images how you wish. You can get an idea of the vibe of the event by watching our videos.

The first of the two locations is The Roost, a big three-floored house with basement and garden. It’s used regularly by the film & photography industry and in fact was in the midst of being used as a film set when we came to have a recce last month. The house was therefore in slight disorder and in the middle of redecoration for the film, so the pictures are here just to give you an idea of the space, and the props available!

Now onto the second location, Dalston Heights. This is the attic/top floor of a former cardboard box factory, with 7200 sq/ft of space over various rooms (two main areas). Filled with mouth-watering props and old furniture… some of which caught my eye in my shots below.

In both locations we’ll be sprucing things up, arranging props and furniture so that there are distinguished shooting space, so that you have a more clutter-free environment whilst also having freedom to tweak things how you like.

I’m well excited about shooting in these places, so you should be too!

You can read more info about our Shoot Experience here.

Here are the dates (all one-day events):

Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd July at The Roost (cost £350)

Sat 13th, Sun 14th August at Dalston Heights (cost £325)

To sign up, or if you’ve got any queries, sling Matt and I an email at

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